Producers and Promoters

Interested in promoting or producing Amerikana *Made in the Philippines in your city? Contact us now and give us specific dates you have in mind. This show is packaged, ready to go, with complete collaterals and promo support, and is developing considerable buzz from our successful premiere in San Francisco. It is a new concept in concert production (it's a musical comedy or revue) and this appeals to concert-goers tiring of the usual concert fare.


We realize producers need to mind their bottomline, and from the onset, Amerikana costs are kept competitive. Cast and crew are all based in the US, eliminating many of the risks associated with flying an entourage from the Philippines, e.g. visas, weather problems, flight delays, etc.

Production costs are very reasonable. No live band is required. Apart from video projection equipment and a piano onstage, Amerikana uses standard house equipment (sound, lights, wireless microphones), and locally sourced props.

Contact us for a quote. Our costs vary depending on number of shows and airfare to your location. An ideal venue would be around 1,000 to 2,000 seats and up but we can accomodate shows

Technical Riders

Note these riders are for a complete state-of-the-art production of Amerikana. Many items are optional or can be substituted. We can work with what is available at the venue.


When proposing a date, try to book weekends and consider travelling time to your destination. Almost all in the cast have day jobs, but given a three to six month lead time, we can accomodate weekday schedules as well.


Amerikana Poster - Regular version. This is designed to accomodate space for your sponsors as well as the event particulars. For a sample of how we used this, click here to view our premiere poster.

Amerikana poster in white background. This is great for newspaper ads and other formats where a light background is ideal. Note the faded area - this is where your promotional text goes.

Flyers are an inexpensive and effective way to promote your event. Here's a sample in postcard size (4x6) shown with both front and back views.

Here's a small and effective AD for local newspapers.