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Fe's Book

Fe's Book! If the name sounds familiar and you're wondering if the author is spelling-challenged, don't fret. Fe's Book is the latest project of our favorite parody paramour - Fe de los Reyes. This time, she does her inimitable take on a topic of truly worldwide proportion --- Fe's Book is a collection of spiels, spoofs and song parodies in typical Fe fashion, about the social networking phenomenon and the world 'wild' web.


Fe is no stranger when it comes to making light of things bigger than herself, things she clearly does not understand or at least pretends not to. As you may know, Fe performed in 'Amerikana', a comedy musical based on her life story. This musical told a tale about uprooting from Manila and coming to America, in search of fame and fortune and finding --- a sister that she learned about and has not met. If that wasn't remarkable enough, Fe also portrayed illegal immigration -- hardly a topic to poke fun or sing about ---- based on her own experience with her lapsed immigration status in the 90s. In a dramatic real-life twist ---you can't make this up--- Fe found an appreciative audience in no less than the US government, who in 1995, granted her permanent residency status in the US as a person of Extraordinary Ability. She became a citizen in 2002.


The idea for Fe's Book came after a performance in Germany late last year, when Fe took a short break to visit family and friends in Europe. Between good food , great company and endless wine, Fe contemplated how ubiquitous and indispensable Facebook had become. One can find practically anyone, friends and enemies alike, and keep in touch. 'It's TOO funny', she remarked, on how much her life depended on her connectedness via email and cellphone and the tragedy that ensues when one's batteries run out with no charger in sight. There and then, the first page was turned for Fe's Book. Watch out! We hope the internet is as robust as the experts claim.

You can catch the premiere showing of Fe's Book at the Intramuros Music Hall on Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Intramuros is located at 101 Brentwood Drive, South San Francisco. Fe's book is brought to you by Mon Cargo Services Inc. and Amerikana Productions in cooperation with Intramuros Bar and Restaurant. Major Sponsor of the show is the Law Office of Sydney Jay Hall. For tickets and reservations Call: Mon Cargo 1 800 432 4300 or 510 636 4743, Beth Garcia 510 861 1753 and Intramuros 650 877 7736. Ticket price is $18.00 First Come-First Serv

See you there!