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- March 25, 2007 at the Greaves Concert Hall, Northern Kentucky University
- October 14, 2006 at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco
- August 26th, 2006 at the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton, CA
- June 23rd, 2006 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles, CA
- February 24th, 2006 at the Sycuan Resort in San Diego, CA.
- December 30th, 2005 at the Ilikai Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii
- Oct 2, 2005 at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco (Premiere)

Photos From San Diego Show

Feb 24th, 2006

Cast and fans join Fe at the post-show autograph session at Sycuan Casino. More phot

Performing cast takes curtain call

Photos From Hawaii

December 30th, 2005

AMERIKANA IN HAWAII --- On the eve of New Year’s Eve 2005, Fe de los Reyes’ team of Merry Men invaded the paradise isle of Hawaii with their musical comedy “Amerikana *Made in the Philippines”. Together with Lee Robin Salazar and Jet Montelibano, Fe brought the house down with songs and shticks now familiar with Amerikana fans.

Poster of the Amerikana Show, the "Lite" version, in Waikiki, Hawaii. Hosting the show is the world famous Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel, location of the opening shot of the Hawaii Five-O TV series, which starred Jack Lord as Steve McGarett.

Staged at the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki, at the island of Oahu, the cast and crew of Amerikana were made to feel totally at home as fans diligently waited after the show to meet their favorite stars in hopes of acquiring a much cherished autograph or having their picture taken as a remembrance of that special night. Hawaii was part of a multi city tour of “Amerikana *Made in the Philippines” which started at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

Poster from the Feb 24th show at the Sycuan Casino and Resort in San Diego California.

Photos at the Premiere in San Francisco

(Courtesy of Epee Rafanan)

October 2nd, 6pm at Herbst Theatre, San Francisco

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St. Patrick Festival Choir sing the national anthems with Shalimar Santiago, at start of events.

Emy and Boyet Silverio, on a long line, apply for visas at the US embassy in Manila, with the consul played by stage actor Beat Rettenmund.

Fe with Carlo Munoz in the airplane ride to the US. Fe plays the first time traveller, annoys her coachmate Carlo, the experienced passenger. In this scene, Fe actually loses the battery for her wireless mike transmitter, a fault she works into her comedy. Carlo catches on quickly and plays along.

Lee Robin as the troubadour, sings "On the first part of the Journey..." with Gina, Rose and Sam doing backup. The scene chronicles the heroine's early travels to the US.

Clearly the crowd's favorite segment, the "Hilo" number has Fe experiencing loneliness in the US, spends nights on the phone and "rings" up huge phone bills, among other things.

Lee Robin, together with Carlo Munoz, sing one of original songs in the revue, "Buti Ka Pa - Sana Ako'y Ikaw", where the two compare life in America with life in the Philippines, with no clear winner.

Lee Robin, Carlo and Sam make the Three Tenors, providing dramatic volume to the revue's different scenes.

Fe as the struggling nightclub singer from Caloocan, shown with her Japanese gangster hubby, played by Carlo, as she pines for a better life abroad and dreams of a new life in the US.

Gina, Sam and Rose play customers at the local dive in the States, who jeer Fe as she auditions to land a singing job, while Cheryl and Ricky look on.

After portraying many struggles and composites of different coming-to-america stories, Fe declares her becoming an 'Amerikana', and sings an original composition of the same title.

Fe sings the beautifully touching "Sa 'Yo Pa Rin" original song by Odette Quesada - Bodjie Dasig, about being true to one's roots.

The wonderful full-house crowd at the premiere, visibly appreciative, come to their feet in standing ovation.


Amerikana *Made in the Philippines is the latest project of singer-comedienne Fe de los Reyes, set to open in the US west coast in the fall of 2005. Amerikana is one filipino comedy you can bring the entire family. And delivered in taglish (or 'engalog'?), even your non-tagalog speaking friends will find Amerikana exceedingly funny.

Amerikana is a revue, a musical comedy show about coming to America, based loosely on the life story of its lead star, Fe de los Reyes. Carlo Munoz and Lee Robin Salazar and other special guests, play the cast of ‘thousands,’ a composite of villains and victims that our heroine faces, as she goes about her discovery of 'buhay-amerika'. Dubbed as a comedy with a soul, Amerikana’s acts are forged from the stories of thousands of Filipinos wanting a piece of the American Dream, told in song --- a wacky musical tour about coming to America. This is a truly unique work, as can only be created by people who have gone through the 'american' experience themselves.

Amerikana draws from the large filipino-american community in the United States as its primary audience. But its theme is universal, its music contemporary. Its creators believe the project will appeal to a much wider audience, including the kababayans back home and their extended families and friends dispersed throughout the world. Many who hear about the project are excited about it, having the instant identification with its theme of leaving home and all the hardships that that entail. Truly, many will find Amerikana’s messages to be very “close to the bone.” Only the fact that it is done with comic routines, and set to music, can make it get away with portraying the trials and tribulations of Filipinos in quest of the American Dream. No doubt about it, Amerikana, *Made in the Philippines is timely and relevant --- all the ingredients for a provocative and rousing evening of entertainment.

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The Performers

The main performing cast of Amerikana, left to right: Carlo Munoz, Fe de los Reyes and Lee Robin Salazar

Multi-awarded choreographer Boyet Silverio crafts all the dance numbers and performs on stage with co-choreographer Ricky Rosal.

If these voices sound familiar, its because they've backed up many of the top events here in California. Singing backup vocals are the powerful voices of Gina Gonzalez, Sam Tellez and Rose Gonzalez

A special feature for the premiere: Lovely Shalimar Santiago, 18, has a voice you won't believe. Catch her in Amerikana!


Amerikana is the extraordinary tale of the everyday Filipina caught in a bizarre set of extraordinary circumstances.

The story kicks off with a woman in search of family and having no other recourse, visits America as a tourist. As expected, she goes to the standard pit stops like all Filipinos do on their first US trip. Unfortunately, carelessness ensues and our heroine is robbed of all her belongings. Unemployed and with hardly anyone to turn to, she ends up broke and with no way of returning to her beloved Philippines. In time, her visa expires and she becomes an illegal alien commonly referred to by other Filipinos as a TNT (Tago Nang Tago).

Realizing her need to survive, she seeks employment. But being an illegal doesn’t really give her much of a chance in finding a “dream” job. Not being a particularly shy individual, she takes on everything that comes her way. In time she gets to meet almost all the wrong people - all giving her ill advise. As a result of her misadventures, she makes a decision - she decides to stay in America. But legally.

Hysterically sad and tragically funny, Amerikana is filled with parodies of classic songs retrofitted to showcase the lives of thousands of Filipinos wanting a piece of the American Dream, but hampered by various circumstances, not the least of which is the simple circumstance of their birth. All these rolled into one person, it becomes a testament to what an individual, any individual, can achieve so long as one’s heart is in it. And that is what Amerikana is all about - all heart. ---bodjie dasig

We are blessed with the special participation of the St Patrick Festival Choir at the Herbst Theater premiere. This group is composed of choir members from St. Patrick, St Joseph and St. Callistus choirs. A truly world-class choir, this group has performed in many places including singing for the late Pope John Paul II in 2001, under the direction of Henry Torres who has been teaching music in the classroom and his private studio for more than 12 years.

The Creative Team

Supporting its stellar performing cast, is an equally impressive creative production team. Amerikana’s music and libretto is crafted by the well-respected and award-winning songwriting team of Odette Quesada and Bodjie Dasig. The equally well-regarded and accomplished Jet Montelibano, directs. Boyet Silverio has been tapped for his choreographic genius and will perform onstage as one of the dancers.

Internet Promotions

The website is the central communication point for the project, serving both as a promotional vehicle and information center for all those involved. For those forgetful who can't remember Fe's name, we have an alternate domain pointing to the same site.

The website is promoted in various ways, including cross-linking with other pinoy sites and by continuous updates to the content. I'm happy to report we are in the top page in Google's search engine, for the keyword "amerikana" and "Fe" or variations thereof. Check it out.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tulong ng mga kasamang pinoy!


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